The Borgo Italia Family

Owned and operated by siblings, Cristiana and Alessandro Folchitto, Borgo Italia embodies the vision of a true authentic Italian "trattoria." It is a genuine "family oriented" business; a place where their love for Italy blends together with their passion for food, regional traditions, authentic Italian recipes, and carefully crafted wines from Italy.

Their mother, Tiziana, loved this country and her belief in the American Dream was so deep that she encouraged her children to pursue it with her. Together they have made that dream of sharing their love and appreciation for authentic Italian food and wines with their neighbors here in the heart of Georgia, a reality. Although Tiziana passed away in 2013, her love, spirit of generosity, and passion for life continues to shine throughout the walls of Borgo Italia and the family recipes, and in the way customers are treated.

Cristiana and Alessandro are very thankful for your daily appreciation and contribution to keep their beloved "small piece of Italy in the heart of Georgia" successful.

Buon Appetito!